Atrial Fibrillation Summit Report

Updated:Nov 17,2015

AHA Atrial Fibrillation Summit: A Conference Report from the American Heart Association

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  • AHA brings together key experts--clinicians, researchers and policy makers--to address atrial fibrillation.
  • Atrial fibrillation poses a major global public health challenge: the numbers are increasing, and it is associated with increased risk for stroke, dementia, heart failure and death.
  • Thought leaders initiated dialogue to develop strategies and set the course for a research agenda to advance the current state of science knowledge for atrial fibrillation.

    Read the full article in Circulation
    Circulation. 2011; 124: 363-372, Published online before print June 27, 2011,doi: 10.1161/?CIR.0b013e318224b037

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American Heart Association’s Atrial Fibrillation Research Summit was sponsored by Sanofi US.

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