AHA's Successes and Future Directions

Updated:Aug 25,2014

As you know, 2013-14 was a breakout year for the AHA from a revenue standpoint. We achieved a year-over-year 10.5 percent increase in revenue from our grassroots fundraising events, reaching $308 million, and total Association-wide revenue was $645 million, a 9.3 percent increase. 

Our remarkable financial results in 2013-14 are cause for celebration, and provide powerful momentum for our ongoing work to achieve our 2020 Impact Goal. At the bottom line, everything we do is focused on building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Every day we see examples of how our efforts are impacting public health in a positive way. To name a very recent example, consider Harlan Krumholz’s report in Circulation last week which found substantial decreases in hospitalization and mortality from myocardial infarction, unstable angina, heart failure and stroke. (Trends in Hospitalizations and Outcomes for Acute Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke: 1999-2011.) (Also see related news release.)

Right now we are at a critical juncture in science, where traditional approaches to research are intersecting with new technologies and unprecedented advances in data collection and genomic knowledge. As President I want to ensure that all of us at the AHA embrace the information age - it will require us to learn new terms and concepts and to think differently about heart disease and its treatment - because now the technology allows us to do just that. I look forward to discussing these opportunities with each of you as we work together in 2014-15.

In the past few decades, the AHA has contributed to enormous advances in our ability to treat and prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke, but there is still much to be accomplished, especially if you consider the growing burden of risk factors such as high blood pressure and obesity, which are so damaging to our quality of life. Across the country, and across the world, patients are depending on us to find answers. That will require bold thinking and a spirit of teamwork. It will also require us to continue identifying and cultivating new sources of revenue. Many of you have helped lead the way in this area by engaging donors, foundations and others in our mission. I thank you and hope we can count on your continued support going forward.

Finally, to those of you who are current AHA Council Chairs, I encourage you to forward my update to your membership.