Kidney Council Committee Involvement

Updated:Oct 5,2012

Let us know how you want to get involved with the Kidney Council. Becoming more involved is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Review the committee options listed below.
  2. Complete the Council Committee Involvement Form.
  3. Send us your form.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Council on the Kidney in Cardiovascular Disease is to reduce cardiovascular-related death and disability through research, communication, advocacy and education about the kidney.

Leadership Committee

  • Provide input into the AHA's science positions as they relate to the council's field of cardiovascular interest.
  • Guide and direct the council's programs.
  • Anticipate and appraise areas of developing relevance to the council's objectives and programs.
  • Develop recommendations for needed activities in the areas of science, medicine and research interests, and subjects for conferences that the council believes the association should address.
  • Approve an annual budget for discretionary fund activities and oversee all expenditures consistent with AHA policies and practices.

Annual HBPR-Conference Kidney Program Committee

  • Coordinate with the HBPR Conference Committee to determine the scheduling and other arrangements for the kidney program to be presented at the conference.
  • Consult with staff to develop the program budget and monitor expenses against budget.
  • Identify potential program co-sponsors (monetary and non-monetary) and work with staff to obtain financial and in-kind support.
  • Solicit and develop plans for the council’s program that will be presented at the HBPR Council’s annual conference.
  • Assist the HBPR Council in identifying and recruiting abstract graders.
  • Invite speakers as identified by the committee.

Membership & Communications Committee

  • Include strategies for determining the informational needs of council members and outside customers/groups, methods for seeking pertinent information and optimum dissemination modes.
  • Continually improve and enhance the council newsletter and Web site to meet the needs of the membership.
  • Working with AHA staff, edit and publish one to two issues of the council newsletter each year and continually update the content of the council Web site.
  • Direct and promote increased internal communication through the council’s newsletter, online services, Web page and other applicable resources and modes of communication. 
  • Maintain communication with council membership about council and AHA issues, activities and policies and about AHA and council linkages with other organizations.

Long Range Planning Committee

  • Align the council’s overall objectives and programs with the AHA mission and goals.
  • Provide a framework and guidance for implementation of the council’s strategic plan, including timelines, assignments and budget, and monitor progress. 
  • Review and develop the council's medical positions as they relate to field of kidney in CVD.
  • Anticipate and appraise areas of possible future relevance to the council and AHA.
  • Explore ways for increasing funds for research.
  • Design and present to the Leadership Committee a three- to five-year plan for the council.
  • Develop and forward to the AHA science committees an annual forecast of recommendations in the areas of science, medicine and research interests that the council believes the AHA should address over the next three to five years.

Early Career Committee

  • To involve trainees / postdoctoral students / recently trained individuals in KCVD council activities. To expand the diversity of the council. To identify early career council members from diverse backgrounds to participate in other Council committees. 

Nominating Committee

  • Prepare and present to the Leadership Committee nominations for the following as terms expire:
    Officers and members-at-large of the Leadership Committee
    Scientific Councils Distinguished Achievement Award (every 3 years)
  • Prepare and submit to the AHA Nominating/Awards Committee nominations for the following:
    AHA Officers, Board Members, Committees and Awards

Scientific Sessions Program Committee

  • Solicit and develop plans for plenaries, Sunday Morning Programs, How-To sessions and CV Seminars for AHA’s annual Scientific Sessions, following the format requested by CSSP.
  • Assign and monitor grading of abstracts submitted to Scientific Sessions within the categories related to the council’s fields of expertise.