AHA Fellows and International Fellows

Updated:Oct 23,2013

The American Heart Association / American Stroke Association welcomes Fellows and International Fellows elected in 2013.  This honor recognizes members for their scientific and professional accomplishments, and volunteer leadership and service.

Class of 2014

Jaehyung Cho, MS FAHA
Alan Dardik, MD PhD FAHA
Charles T. Esmon, PhD FAHA
Tamas Forster, DSc MD PhD FAHA
Nobusada Funabashi, MD PhD FAHA
Bruce Furie, MD FAHA
Mahdi O. Garelnabi, PhD MSc FAHA
Kathryn J. Grande-Allen, PhD FAHA
David J. Granville, PhD FAHA
Marion A. Hofmann Bowman, MD PhD FAHA
Michael A. Holinstat, MS PhD FAHA
Alan E. Mast, MD PhD FAHA
Owen J. McCarty, PhD FAHA
J. Peter Oettgen, MD FAHA
Paolo Raggi, MD FAHA
Konstantinos Stellos, DMSc MD FAHA
Fatiha Tabet, PhD FAHA
Alfonso O. Tolentino, MD FAHA
Chris J. Vlahos, PhD FAHA
Yanqiao Zhang, MD FAHA
Kezhong Zhang, MS PhD FAHA

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