FGTB - Message from the Chair

Updated:Jul 1,2012

andre_Terzic_200x200 Our objective is to support and advance Functional Genomics and Translational Biology Research and Practice through a diverse range of activities
Promoting development of early career clinicians and scientists through
  • FGTB Early Career Travel Grants
  • FGTB Young Investigator Award Competition
  • FGTB Early Career Day Saturday AHA Scientific Sessions
  • FGTB Early Career Committee
Accelerating discovery highlighting cutting edge genomic and translational research
  • State of the Art Webinars offered quarterly
  • Working collaboratively with all other councils to have genomic and translational research featured widely in AHA Scientific Sessions
  • Sponsoring and co-sponsoring AHA scientific guidelines and statements.
  • Close collaboration and co-sponsorship with Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics
Facilitating cross-disciplinary collaborations and open exchange of ideas through
  • AHA sessions FGTB reception
  • FGTB Early Career Day Saturday AHA Scientific Sessions
  • AHA website social networking – catalyzed by our early career investigators.
  • Encouraging all AHA Councils to have a Council Liaison with our Council
  • Welcoming membership of scientists, and clinicians from all disciplines including basic, clinical, and population science, MDs, PhDs, EdDs, Nurses, etc.
Enhancing public health
  • Encouraging members to participating in You’re the Cure
  • Active involvement with AHA’s Advocacy
  • Providing web links to lay sites providing accurate information on functional genomics and translational biology topics

The FGTB Council is young, dynamic, responsive and growing.  We welcome new members and novel ideas.  Please consider joining today. 

Most appreciatively,

Andre Terzic, MD, PhD, FAHA
Chair, Functional Genomics and Translational Biology Council