EPI Past Committee Chair Interviews

Updated:Aug 20,2012

Interviews with past Council Committee Chairs

Although she graciously attributes much of her success to good fortune, Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor advises, “be fearless and curious and surround yourself with clever people” in recommending strategies for success. She continues, “say ‘yes’ and be willing to do things you don’t know how to do and learn about them.” She speaks fondly of giving talks, noting that teaching is the best way to learn a subject well and that she regularly learns from the early career investigators to whom many of her talks are directed.
            When asked what she believes catapulted her to success and differentiated her as an investigator, she emphasizes the importance of being observational, noting where the gaps in knowledge are and seeking to find solutions. She attributes this in part to her clinical training as an infectious disease physician, recollecting that the majority of diagnoses were previously made based on the observations gleaned from the history and physical alone.
            Regarding the AHA, she states, “I’m a fan.” She remarks on the way the AHA helps with networking, and, in so doing, how it can significantly help a young investigator’s career. She notes that there are many tasks to be done with the AHA and encourages young investigators to sign up and contribute. In the Epidemiology world in particular, she feels that the AHA has a close-knit group, where individuals can be comfortable meeting, e-mailing and calling to discuss ideas and collaborate. She particularly looks forward to the November meeting, where she enjoys meeting friends and new young investigators and the discussion of the most recent research in the field. She fondly asserts, “it’s a good club.”

gregory marcus By: Gregory M Marcus, MD, MAS, FACC
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Cardiology, Electrophysiology Section
University of California, San Francisco

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