Barbara J. Drew, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

Updated:Oct 28,2014

2014 Distinguished Scientist – Barbara J. Drew, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

Dr. Drew received her nursing degree in 1968 and was hired to help establish the first Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at Evanston Hospital in Illinois. Dr. Drew was a staff nurse, nurse manager and clinical nurse specialist in CCUs in Illinois and California. Drew earned her MS degree from UCSF in 1980 and joined the School of Nursing Clinical faculty in 1981. Drew earned the PhD degree from UCSF and rejoined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in 1990. Her signature courses at UCSF are in clinical electrocardiography which Dr. Drew has taught for more than 3 decades to medical students, residents, and graduate nursing students. Her lectures are known for their relevance to clinical practice and for her underwater photography.  In 2009, Drew received UCSF’s Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Drew founded the ECG Monitoring Research Laboratory in the School of Nursing and has mentored numerous graduate students pursuing studies in the field of electrocardiology.

Dr. Drew's research has shaped the development of commercial cardiac monitors, including the use of: 1) standard unipolar precordial (V) leads (instead of modified leads), 2) multi-lead ECG monitoring, 3) use of reduced lead sets, 4) ST-segment ischemia monitoring, 5) QT interval monitoring, 6) pre-hospital mobile phone transmitted ECGs for patients who call 911 for chest pain, and 7) home ECG monitoring to detect allograph rejection in heart transplant patients. Drew’s research has also focused on strategies to improve nurse practices and to reduce clinical alarm fatigue with hospital patient monitoring. Dr. Drew resides in San Francisco with her cardiologist husband, Dr. Denis Drew.


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