Promoting AHA Scientific Databases

Updated:Mar 7,2013
Six Scientific databases created as the result of American Heart Association programs will be made available to investigators. They are:

Get With The Guidelines - Coronary Artery Disease – Data related to coronary artery disease hospital admissions from 2001 through 2009.

Get With The Guidelines - Heart Failure – Data related to heart failure hospital admissions for patients beginning in 2005 through present.

Get With The Guidelines – Stroke – Data related to stroke hospital admissions for patients beginning in 2003 through present.

Get With The Guidelines - Resuscitation – Data related to Adult, Pediatric and Neonate cardiopulmonary arrest events, from 2002 through present.

Mission: Lifeline – Data related to pre-hospital and in hospital care for STEMI patients beginning 2007 to present. Data is obtained through ACTION-Registry Get with the Guidelines.

Choose To Move – Women, aged 25 and older, participating in this self-help physical activity, nutrition and weight management program.

Stroke Association

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The American Stroke Association’s primary and secondary stroke guidelines for optimal treatment of stroke are the gold standard for guidance for patient care. Find out more.