Volunteer Travel and Expense Guidelines

Updated:Sep 4,2015

AHA Volunteer Travel and Expense Guidelines

Volunteers and staff are expected to apply the following guidelines on a conservative basis that is consistent with normal living standards and to exercise good business judgment.   Control of travel expenses is the responsibility of each staff member or volunteer incurring expenses and supervisors authorizing and approving expenditures.  Receipts are required for all expenditures in excess of $25 (except in those circumstances where the expense will be charged against a Government Grant and all receipts are required.)  Any deviation from policy must be reasonable under the circumstances, approved by the authorized committee/budget manager, and written justification for policy deviations should be submitted with the expense report.  Expense reports are due within 30 days of travel with required documentation. 

  1. Transportation:

    Airfare – Volunteers are strongly encouraged to use the AHA Travel Desk:  800-999-9717;  8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT

    • Book flights using the lowest fare routing; provide the budget number being charged.
    • Consider a one-stop flight if it results in a $250 savings over a non-stop flight.
    • Book 21 days in advance if at all possible to take advantage of discounted airfares.  Please avoid any air travel changes after initial ticketing due to increase fare costs and change fees. 
    • First Class tickets are not allowed.  AHA does not reimburse for non-AHA business destinations when travel cost is not the lowest fare routing. 
    • A reasonable amount for baggage fees based on trip length and necessities are reimbursable. 

    Airport Shuttle, Taxi and Transportation Services  –

    • General rule – use the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation – either your car, parking at the airport or a shuttle or taxi.
    • Use shuttles whenever possible or share a taxi.
    • Using an Executive Car Service is not an allowable expense.

    Rental Cars

    • Rental cars may be used if local transportation is not practical or more expensive than mileage.

    Personal Car –

    • Mileage to and from the airport is reimbursable @ 14¢ per mile for volunteers.
    • If away more than 2 days, consider parking in extended or long-term offsite parking.
    • Mileage should not exceed the cost of air travel.

  2. Hotel Rooms:
    • Meeting coordinators or conference managers will make your hotel reservations.
    • Always remember to cancel your reservation to avoid ‘No Show’ billing.
    • AHA does not use luxury hotels; cost of a single room in a business class hotel where negotiated rates are offered is reimbursable.

  3. Daily Meal Allowance:
    • Breakfast - $15
    • Lunch - $20
    • Dinner - $45
    • Reimbursement rates include meal, taxes and tips. 
    • Only amounts spent will be reimbursed.
    • Participate in meals provided during meetings. 
    • Alcohol is not reimbursable.

  4. Purchasing Meals for Others:
    • Only expenses incurred while discussing business-related issues are reimbursable.
    • Business purpose, place, date, amount, names and titles of all persons attending must be documented.
    • Alcohol is not reimbursable.

  5. Miscellaneous Expenses:
    • Required Business Expenses – telephone calls, parking fees, tolls.
    • Tips permitted for hotel and airline baggage handling.
    • Up to $15/day is reimbursable to maintain fitness regimen when not provided complimentary by hotel. 

  6. Non-Allowable Expenses:
    • Personal items not considered business expenses are not reimbursable (i.e., movies, laundry, alcohol, personal reading material, formal wear, medicinal products, child/pet care, credit card membership fees, etc).

    Volunteer expenses are funded by donor dollars - please be prudent.