Scientific Councils Biennial Review Template

Updated:Mar 4,2013

Biennial Review


Council:______________________________Council Chair:______________________________

As required in the Standard for Councils, Appendix H, Section V., each council will provide a written Biennial Report to the Council Operations Committee and to the Science Advisory & Coordinating Committee. The review shall consist of a brief lay summary that

  1. examines each council's progress on strategic planning and fiscal condition;
  2. documentation of its achievements;
  3. provides information on advocacy involvement;
  4. describes leadership activities; and
  5. findings from membership surveys or involvement in special projects or initiatives. Information can be used from the previous council self-assessment, with updated information, but should only be a brief summary (1-2 pages).

This Biennial Review will be used as a tool to further educate the public on AHA science initiatives and programs provided by the scientific councils.

Mission Statement

  • Delegate Assembly Attendance
  • SACC Participation
  • Fellowship Recruitment of Members
  • Awards/Lecturers
  • Distinguished Scientists; Population; Clinical; Basic, Research, Brauwald, Chairman's, etc.
  • Books
  • HBPR Hypertension Primer; CC-Cardiac Consult, etc.
  • Commissioned Scientific Statements
  • Lay Summary of Science Statements
  • Published Papers – List
  • Science Subcommittees (please list each committee and address all bullets for each committee)
  • Accomplishments
  • Goals for the future, short-term ( 1 year) and long-term (2 years)
  • Interactions with other Councils
  • Justification for continuing
  • Conferences - Sponsorships/Co-Sponsorships
  • Advocacy


  • Lobby Day Attendance/Financial Support
  • YTC Network Participation
  • Future Plans


  • New Developments to Programs
  • Major/Special Projects or Initiatives
  • International Membership


  • Activities
    Member Involvement
  • Planning and Budgeting Process


  • Strategic Plan – Progress Statement
    Budget – Fiscal Condition Statement

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