Biennial Review Report Template

Updated:Sep 4,2015

Biennial Review – 2015-2016

Council: ______________________________ Council Chair: ______________________________

Measurement Current Measurement Current
Leadership - SACC Participation   Budget  
Leadership – FAHA   Overall Presentation  
Awards & Lectures   Collaboration with other Councils  
Scientific Statements   Dissemination of Science  
Scientific Sessions Attendance   Membership Growth  
Specialty Conference Attendance   Adopting Best Practices  
Science Subcommittees (1)   Leadership Gift Campaign  
Science Subcommittees (2)   Diversity - Leadership  
Conference Funding   Diversity – Membership  
Lobby Day Support / YTC Participation   Early Career  
Strategic Plan   Travel Awards  
    Vision for Volunteerism  

  1. Mission Statement - List Council mission statement
  2. Leadership
    • SACC ParticipationIndicate the Council was representation at the 3 SACC meetings/yr. by who.
    • Fellowship Recruitment of Members (FAHA)Indicate specific efforts made by the Council to increase FAHAs and the success of those efforts. List number of new FAHAs elected for the last two years.
  3. Achievements
    • Awards/LecturesList major awards given or received by the Council.
    • Dissemination of Science (manuscripts, scientific meetings, etc.)
      1. Scientific Statements - List scientific statements in progress and published in the last 2 years.
      2. Science Subcommittees (please list each committee and address all bullets for each committee)
        • - Accomplishments
        • - Goals for the future
        • - Interactions with other Councils
        • - Justification for continuing
      3. Conferences List involvement in scientific conferences, if applicable.
        • - Attendance
        • - Funding

  1. Advocacy
  2. Lobby Day Financial Support - List how much the Council has contributed to Lobby Day each year.
  3. YTC Network Participation - List the % of involvement for Leadership and membership in YTC
  4. Membership / FAHA – Report membership and FAHA numbers - Report membership/FAHA numbers including growth and membership efforts, if applicable.
  5. International Membership - Report international membership numbers including growth and membership efforts, if applicable.
  6. Collaboration with Other Councils - List relationships developed with other Councils and joint projects.
  7. Leadership Gift Campaign Participation - Report Council % participation of Leadership in LGC over last 2 yrs.
  8. Diversity
  9. Council Leadership - % of diversity members
  10. Council Membership - % of diverse members
  11. Early Career Activities - List activities
  12. Early Career Travel Awards - List Awards
  13. Vision for Volunteerism - Indicate Council participation in V4V, if applicable
  14. Planning and Budgeting Process
  15. Strategic Plan – Progress Statement - XX Council has responded to the following recommendations from COC: (list recommendations from previous biennial reviews).
  16. Budget – Fiscal Condition Statement - Indicate the financial status of the Council.
  17. Future Plans - What plans or goals does the Council have for the immediate future?

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