Council Subcommittee Approval Process Guidelines

Updated:Aug 14,2015


The role of the science subcommittee is to provide a venue where specific science content areas can be addressed within AHA. Originally, science subcommittees were to be approved by SACC and the original 5-6 were approved in this manner. However, it appears that over the years, this practice did not occur and many Councils created other science subcommittees.

A number of years ago, COC was created to handle the common administrative and managerial aspects of Councils rather than using SACC resources to discuss these administrative issues. In an effort to restore this intended review process before subcommittees were added, COC has established the following process.

  1. Councils desiring to create subcommittees will submit a proposal to COC. The proposal will need to address the criteria listed below. These criteria were just recently identified and agreed upon by COC as essential criteria for a Science Subcommittee.

    Criteria for Science Subcommittees:

    • Represents a defined body of knowledge/ practice
    • Reflects a need articulated within AHA’s strategic plan
    • Reflects an area where AHA could be called upon to provide an opinion
    • Is Multidisciplinary (as appropriate)
    • Reflects an area where there is a community of interested and potential volunteers (novice to expert)
    • Can address issues which can’t be adequately addressed within the current subcommittee structure
    • Represents a subspecialty group determined to be important to the Council in order to grow their membership
    • There are identifiable implications/ consequences if AHA did not have this subcommittee
    • There are potential topics that this group can address for scientific statements,
    • Sessions and conference planning that are not adequately covered in the current structure.

    COC will review the application. If the above criteria are met, they will then assess the following administrative issues:

    • Identify which parent group (Council) is the best place to house the  subcommittee (It may or may not be the submitting group)
    • Potential chair and roster of members.
    • How the committee will be funded.*

    * AHA has information available regarding the average costs for administering science subcommittees.

  2. Once approved by COC, Councils will submit the subcommittee commission to COC that addresses the following:
    • Committee charge or purpose
    • Areas to address
    • Anticipated number of face-to-face meetings and teleconferences per year. (For face-to-face meetings, location should be included, if known.)
  3. The Chair of COC will present their recommendations to SACC.

Evaluation: Approved subcommittees must undergo a review for topical relevance to the strategic plan every 4 years as part of the Council self-assessment and renewal process by COC.

Revised to remove reference to IWGs: January 25, 2009

Reviewed July 1, 2015

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