Council Leadership Gift Campaign

Updated:Feb 24,2013

Intent and Purpose

The overall objective is to create opportunities for AHA Scientific Council Leadership to support the AHA financially. The result is a campaign enabling council leadership to contribute at any level with an overall goal of 100% participation. A volunteer leaders serve as the head of this campaign and he/she may recruit others to help in the solicitations.

The AHA Council Leadership Gift Campaign will focus on utilizing our current council leaders as pacesetters in the giving, promotion and participation in our campaign. By making their gift early, they can engage committee membership in additional gifts to the AHA during the fall council meetings.

Gifts will be presented to the AHA National Board of Directors at the February Board meeting with a total donation. This presentation will be promoted in council communications throughout the year.

Participation in this effort will provide the following:

  • Increased revenue to support the research and educational programs of the AHA.
  • 100% participation by council committee leadership builds a sense of shared mission.
  • Council members who have made a personal financial commitment are likely to play a more active role in other activities, and are likely to want to know even more about the AHA's programs and plans.
  • While we ask the general public to make contributions to the American Heart Association throughout the year, many of our council and committee members are not necessarily solicited through our other campaigns. This may be the only time in the year they will be explicitly asked.