COC Terms of Office Policy

Updated:Jan 12,2016

The Council Operations Committee (COC) continues to examine Council structure and standardization whenever issues arise.  In the June 2005 teleconference, COC was asked to examine Terms of Office for Council committees.  

After review and discussion, COC recommended that, with the exception of the Scientific Council Program Committees, all committees should move to a standardized Term of Office of two-years with a potential two-year renewal if needed.  The Program Committee must remain the exception with three-year terms to coincide with the Committee on Scientific Sessions Program (CSSP) member terms of office.  

COC recommends that committees with terms of office other than 2-years complete their terms as originated, but all new nominations should conform to the two-year criterion.  Terms of office for all Councils should be standardized as quickly as possible without making changes mid-term for any existing committees. 

Revised to remove reference to IWGs: January 25, 2009

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