COC Strategic Planning Policy and Self Assessment Process

Updated:Sep 4,2015
  • Strategic Planning Policy and self-assessment Process Council Operations Committee (COC)
    ·        As referenced in the structural guidelines for Scientific Councils, status reports for each Council are to be completed every two years. The COC will outline a schedule for the Biennial Reviews for each two-year period and notify the Councils of their presentation of these reports to COC.
    ·        COC has also crafted a Biennial Report Template that includes the criteria to be evaluated. Each item may not be applicable to each Council, but many items will be completed. COC plans to refine this document as needed and to continually evaluate its relationship to the AHA/ASA Strategic Plan.
    ·        COC will construct a formal response to each Council following its report. This response will be addressed to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Leadership Committee. We are confident that these efforts will provide each Council with the opportunity to share, as well as showcase, its best practices and other successful initiatives.
    ·        The Program Managers or Senior Managers working with each Council support the Chairs and Vice Chairs in formulating these reports. They coordinate the planning and data gathering process.
    Note:  In order to reduce redundancy with the Biennial Review Process, COC eliminated the Self-Assessment review process, which formerly occurred every four years. This was approved during the September 2009 meeting.

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