COC Bulk E-mail Policy

Updated:Dec 18,2015

In January 2005, the Council Operations Committee approved a policy whereby Council Chairs would be allowed to send up to four (4) e-mail messages per year to their entire membership. 

This policy is intended to serve as an avenue for Council Chairs to effectively communicate important information to their members about upcoming events and the activities of the Council.  This policy will also increase awareness and increase the opportunities for involvement.

A production schedule was created based on input from Council Chairs regarding their anticipated email communication needs.  This schedule will be monitored by the Professional Memberships and Science Marketing staff.  Due to the volume of requests across the Association, this schedule allows two to three weeks for production to adhere to the current requirements of the Technology and Customer Service Department.  System limitations could affect the number of Councils that can send messages at the same time.  To that end, the production schedule will be reviewed regularly to determine how best to stagger these communications to get maximum efficiency from the system.


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