Awards and Lectures Subcommittee Commission

Updated:May 14,2014

Six to ten.

The Chairperson of the Council Operations Committee shall appoint the chairperson and members of the Subcommittee.

Members shall serve two-year terms and be eligible for one additional two-year term.  Terms will be staggered to ensure continuity.

As frequently as necessary, typically at least once in the fall and once in the spring.  Meetings will be conducted via teleconference or in conjunction with a COC meeting.


  1. Provide oversight for AHA-sponsored awards and lectures presented at AHA Scientific Conferences.   This oversight includes maintaining consistent eligibility criteria, review and selection procedures, award amounts and prizes, and selection processes for AHA awards and lectures.
  2. Review and approve proposals from groups and organizations outside the AHA for award or lecture presentations to be made by such groups at AHA Scientific Conferences.
  3. Review the Councils' awards and lectures guidelines on an annual basis.  Recommend changes to awards and lectures to retain consistency with current COC guidelines.
  4. Ensure compliance with the Awards and Lectures Guidelines and encourage adherence to Councils’ awards and lectures parameters throughout the annual application and nomination cycles.
  5. Awards and lectures will be reviewed regularly with recommendations to COC for global or individual changes.  This might include the consideration of any newly proposed awards and lectures from the Councils or other AHA entities, or a decision to discontinue any existing award or lecture if necessary.
  6. Members of the Awards and Lectures Subcommittee shall not be eligible as nominees for awards or lectureships during their terms on the Subcommittee.
  7. The Professional Memberships Awards and Lectures Manager shall staff the Subcommittee. 
  8. Additional staff and volunteers may be invited to attend meetings of the Subcommittee as resource persons but shall have no voting privileges.