Rules and Regulations Scientific Councils

Updated:Feb 27,2013


Rules and Regulations
Scientific Councils
American Heart Association
Science Advisory & Coordinating Committee (SACC)
September 6, 2012
Changes the Rules and Regulations, Scientific Councils, to allow for updating the rules with recommendations made by the E & I Task Force and policies approved by the Council Operations Committee (COC) for the AHA/ASA Professional Membership Program.

Article II. Membership

(A)   Updates the language to include an explanation of the new American Heart  
 Association (AHA) Membership Program with the authority to establish 
 Membership dues by Council Operations Committee (COC) with Science 
 Advisory and Coordinating Committee (SACC) approval.
(B) Designates five membership levels.

Article III. Meetings
(B)    Changes annual business meeting requirement for constituting a quorum from 10% of membership to attendees at the meeting.

Article V. Leadership Committee

(A) Replaces previous Executive Committee with Leadership Committee
       terminology. Also aligns Leadership Committee members with the E & I Task 
       Force recommendations as well as stipulating that the Council chairs will be
       members of SACC.
Article VI. Committees

(B)      Adds Communication Committee to the core group of committees reporting to the Council Leadership Committee. 
(C) Requires SACC approval for Science and other Subcommittees
(D) Requires Councils to fund all other committees appointed by the Councils.
(E) Stipulates all members of Council committees be Premium Professional

Article VII. Relationship with AHA

(B)   Clarifies council’s election of one delegate and one alternate to AHA Delegate

Article VIII. Amendments
      Removes Council Affairs Committee and stipulates the Council Operations Committee as the committee to review recommendations for amendments to these Rules & Regulations.

The purpose of the Scientific Councils shall be to achieve the objectives of the American Heart Association in particular fields of scientific knowledge related to cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
A.     Any physician, medical scientist, nurse, health professional, or interested layman may join the American Heart Association (AHA) and affiliate with two (2) councils Affiliation with a third council may be made for an additional fee at the Premium Professional and Premium Professional Plus levels. A person may elect to join the AHA and affiliate with one (1) Scientific Council upon payment of annual dues at the Early Career, Student/Trainee or General Professional levels of membership. Affiliation with a second council may be made for an additional fee at the Early Career or Student/Trainee levels of membership. AHA membership dues shall be established by the Council Operations Committee (COC) and approved by the Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee (SACC). All dues-paying members shall have the right to vote.
B.     There are Five (5) membership levels available to the Scientific Councils. Eligibility criteria, application process and benefits of membership shall be defined by the American Heart Association.

A.     There shall be an annual business meeting, or alternative format, of each Council for the purpose of receiving information concerning activities of the Council and transacting such other business as should come before the Council.
B.     The attendees at the annual business meeting shall constitute a quorum. The act of a majority of the members present at the meeting, and constituting a quorum shall be an act of the Council.
C.    Minutes and records of meeting and proceedings of the Councils and their committees shall be maintained and shall become a part of the minutes and records of the AHA.

A.     The officers of each Council shall be the Council Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson. Each officer shall serve for a term of two years.
B.     Election of the officers shall take place at the annual business meeting of the Council from a list of nominees presented by the Leadership Committee. Nominations also may be made from the floor. Election shall be by a majority vote of the members present.
C.    The Vice Chairperson shall assume the position of Chairperson in the case of a vacancy, until the next business meeting.
D.    Full-time industry employees cannot serve as officers (Chairs, Vice-Chairs) on Leadership committees or Chairs of Science Subcommittees, and that
        Full-time government employees can potentially serve as officers on Leadership Committees and/or Chairs of Science Subcommittees following procedural authorization:
                  AHA Legal Council and COC review the Council nominee request,
                  If the appointment is deemed appropriate, COC will outline the conditions of service to the nominee, in writing, specifying relevant disclosure and recuse policies.
A.     The Leadership Committee shall consist of the officers, i.e., the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson and immediate Past Chair, the Chairpersons of the Program Committee, Communications Committee, the Advocacy Ambassador, the External Liaisons to the councils, and 6-8 members-at-large, at least one at-large member shall be an Early Career Investigator. These at-large members shall be elected for a period of two years, and to assure continuity of experience, the terms shall be staggered. No at-large member shall be elected for more than two successive terms. The Chairperson of each Council shall be Chairperson of the Leadership Committee and a member of the Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee (SACC). Liaisons are non-voting members of Leadership Committees.
B.     Additional members may be appointed to a Council's Leadership Committee at the individual Council's expense through their discretionary funds budget.
C.    Any vacancy in the appointed membership of the Council's Leadership Committee may be filled by its Chairperson for the remainder of that term. Any vacancy in the elected membership of the Council's Leadership Committee may be filled by its Chairperson until the next Council business meeting.
D.    The Leadership Committee shall have the authority to remove or place on probation any officer, committee chairperson, committee member or representative of the Council for failing to carry out assigned responsibilities.
E.     Each Council Leadership Committee shall discharge its responsibilities as described in the approved charge.
F.     The number of Leadership Committee members constituting a quorum shall be one-half of the members of the Committee.

A.     Program Committee - The Program Committee Chairperson shall be appointed by the Council Chairperson in consultation with the Chairperson of the Committee on Scientific Sessions Program (CSSP). Appointments shall be staggered and shall be for three years unless otherwise determined by CSSP. The Chairperson of the Council shall appoint up to four additional members excluding the Chairperson. The Program Committee shall review all abstracts in each council's special field submitted to the Committee on Scientific Sessions Program. The Committee shall also arrange for scientific programs at the AHA annual meeting and at Council sponsored meetings as may be requested by its Leadership Committee.
B.    Communications Committee – The Communications Committee Chairperson shall be appointed by the Council Chairperson in consultation with the Chairperson of the Council Operations Committee. Appointments shall be staggered and shall be for two years unless otherwise determined by the Council Chairperson. The Chairperson of the Council shall appoint up to 4-6 additional members, including as a minimum, the Council’s Newsletter Editor and Web Editor. Other members could include the council membership and advocacy chairpersons, if applicable.
C.       Science and other subcommittees - Proposals for new Science Subcommittees will be presented to the Science Subcommittee Task Force who will make recommendations to COC on the relevancy of the new committee.  A dual Leadership model will be used by Science Subcommittees with Joint leadership. Request for such committees must be submitted to the Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee (SACC) for approval.

D.    Other Committees - Direct and indirect costs for all other committees appointed by the Council Leadership Committee must be funded by Council discretionary funds.

E.     All members of Council committees shall be dues-paying members at the Premium Professional Membership level.
The relationship between the Councils and the AHA shall be governed by the following provisions: 
A.     The Councils shall operate under the AHA Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws and Policies, and Standards (including the Standards for Councils of the AHA) and Guidelines.
B.     Each Council shall elect one delegate and one alternate delegate with staggered terms to the AHA Delegate Assembly. An alternate delegate shall attend the Assembly only if a delegate is unable to attend.
Recommendations for amendments or revisions of the Rules and Regulations may be made at any regular meeting of the Council Operations Committee at which a quorum is present, (by two-thirds vote of the members present). All recommendations relating to amendments and revisions are subject to the subsequent approval of the AHA Board of Directors.
Approved by Science Advisory Coordinating Committee (SACC), June 23, 2010

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