CVSA Awards, Lectures & Scholarships

Updated:Mar 23,2015
AHA scentific council awards acknowledge significant achievements in cardiovascular diseases and stroke, ranging from basic research to service to the councils and the association.  These awards applaud the achievements of researchers, scientists, clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals throughout their careers and provide opportunities for financial rewards and special presentations at AHA Conferences.

The Council on Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia proudly sponsors awards to the AHA Scientific Sessions and a student scholarship, each of which honors researchers, early career investigators and medical students.  Please click on an award below for more information, including eligibility criteria and application instructions.

Awards sponsored by
Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia to the AHA Scientific Sessions:   Lectures presented at AHA Scientific Sessions:

Travel Award

Medical Student Scholarship

Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions 2015
Scientific Sessions is the leading cardiovascular meeting in the country with over 17,000 professionals attending annually, and over 22,000 total attendees, as reported by the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitor’s Association. 

Orlando, FL
Nov. 7–11, 2015
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