CVSN Council Committee Involvement

Updated:Jan 25,2013

Let us know how you want to get involved with the CVSN Council. Becoming more involved is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Review the committee options listed below.
  2. Complete the Council Committee Involvement Form.
  3. Send us your form.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing is to foster research and education about cardiovascular disease and stroke for consumers and healthcare professionals by capitalizing on the unique ability of nurses to translate science to clinical application and compassionate patient care.

Leadership Committee
Conduct the affairs of the council in the intervals between regular meetings of the council and carry out the objectives of the council within the policies of the American Heart Association.

International Committee
Maintain communication between the council and nursing organizations worldwide. The committee is also charged with the council’s international mentoring program.

Stroke Nursing Committee
Serve as the American Heart Association’s panel of experts issues related to stroke nursing.

Communications & Membership Committee
Promote advances in cardiovascular disease and stroke through increased communication of relevant issues and findings in cardiovascular nursing science. The committee will focus on maximizing member involvement in AHA. 

Nominating Committee
Promote excellence in the field of cardiovascular nursing science through selection, recruitment, training, retention and recognition of qualified volunteers in leadership positions in the council and the American Heart Association.

Program Committee
Promote and enhance the council’s role at AHA Scientific Sessions through development of excellent and varied scientific programs in the council’s fields of expertise.

Prevention Committee
Serve as the American Heart Association’s panel of experts on prevention related to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Pediatric Nursing Committee
Serve as the American Heart Association’s panel of experts issues related to pediatric cardiovascular nursing.

Development Committee
Identify and secure funding and resources to support projects and programs that allow the council to meet objectives and to better promote the AHA’s mission and goals.

Awards Committee
Promote and enhance the role of cardiovascular nursing through recognition and support of those who contribute significantly to the advancement of the council’s and AHA’s mission in terms of science and/or patient care.

Complex Cardiovascular Patient & Family Care Committee
To serve as the American Heart Association’s panel of experts on adults with complex cardiovascular conditions requiring advanced nursing knowledge, skills and care. The areas of focus will span the continuum of care (critical care to home care) and include (but are not limited to): enhancing quality of life; promoting symptom management; integrating technologies into care; managing transitions across the aging and care continuums; and strengthening family caregiving.