T. Duckett Jones Memorial Lecture

Updated:Feb 27,2014
The T. Duckett Jones Memorial Award was set up by the San Francisco Heart Association following the death of Dr. Jones, with funds contributed by his friends and provided to the association's National Center to administer. In 1961, the executive committee of the Council on Rheumatic Fever and Congenital Heart Disease (now CVDY), established the T. Duckett Jones Memorial Lecture, to be given at the Annual Scientific Sessions. The first lecture was presented in 1962.

Previous Awardees of the T. Duckett Jones Memorial Lecture
2013Jonathan Carapetis, MBBS, FRACP, FAFPHM, Ph.D.
"The Three Eras of Rheumatic Fever"
2010Lori J. West, MD, DPhil, FRCPC
"Advancing the Science of Transplantation: Lessons Learned from Children"
2007Jeffrey Towbin, MD, FAHA
"Inflammatory Viral Heart Disease: A Shifting Epidemiology"
2004Jane Newburger, MD, MPH, FAHA
"Kawasaki Disease: The Road Goes Ever On"
2001Douglas L. Mann, MD
"Inflammatory Mediators in Health and Disease: The Yin Yang of Cardiac Innate Immune Responses"
1998Welton M. Gersony, M.D.
"Management Decisions in Pediatric Cardiology: Searching for the Evidence"
1995Walter R. Wilson, M.D.
"Enterococcal Endocarditis: From a Walk in the Park to Jurassic Park"
1992Edward L. Kaplan, M.D.
"A Global Assessment of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease at the Close of the Century"
1989Tomisaku Kawasaki, M.D.
"Cardiovascular Changes and Treatment in Kawasaki Disease"
1986Floyd W. Denny, M.D.
"Rheumatic Fever in 1986"
1984Leon Gordis, M.D.
"The Virtual Disappearance of Rheumatic Fever in the United States: Lessons in the Rise and Fall of Disease"
1982Elia M. Ayoub, M.D.
"The Search for Host Determinants of Susceptibility to Rheumatic Fever: The Missing Link"
1980Alvan R. Feinstein, M.D.
"The Jones Criteria and the Challenges of Clinimetrics"
1978Richard M. Krause, M.D.
"The Influence of Infection on the Geography of Heart Disease"

Taussig Sidney Blumenthal, M.D.
"Preventive Cardiology: A Pediatric Challenge"

1976Robert G. Petersdorf, M.D.
"Experimental Endocarditis: What Have We Learned?"
1974Angelo Taranta, M.D.
"Rheumatic Hypohaptogiobinemia Reconsidered"
1973John D. Keith, M.D.
"Atherosclerosis in Early Life: Does the Problem Begin in Childhood?"
1972Lewis W. Wannamaker, M.D.
"The Chain that Links the Heart to the Throat"
1971T. Benedict F. Massell, M.D.
"Masking of Streptococcal Infections by Prophylactic Penicillin: Practical and Theoretical Implications"
1970Gene Stollerman, M.D.
"Rheumatogenic and Nephritogenic Streptococci"
1969Milton Markowitz, M.D.
"Eradication of Rheumatic Fever: An Unfulfilled Hope"
1968[No award given]
1967Charles A. Janeway, M.D.
"Unusual Responses to Infection"
1966E.G.L. Bywater, FRCP
"Natural History of Rheumatic Fever and Its Modification"
1965Rebecca C. Lancefield, Ph.D.
"Association of Streptococci with Rheumatic Fever: A Review"
1964Helen B. Taussig, M.D.
"Evolution of Our Knowledge of Congenital Heart Malformations"
1963Maclyn McCarty, MD
"Missing Links in the Streptococcal Chain Leading to Rheumatic Fever"
1962Paul Dudley White, MD
"Rheumatism - Then and Now"

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