Helen B Taussig Memorial Lecture

Updated:Dec 9,2015
In 1973, a lecture in honor of Helen B. Taussig was established by the executive committee of the Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young. The lecture was first presented in 1975, then rotated with the T. Duckett Jones Lecture (est. 1962) and the Alexander Nadas Lecture (est. 1986). A world famous pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Taussig is best known for her work with children born with serious heart defects. In the 1940's, she and the late Dr. Alfred Blalock co-developed the first surgical procedure for the relief of pulmonary stenosis. Dr. Taussig, a graduate of The Johns Hopkins Medical School, became the first woman to become a full professor at Hopkins. A founder and the first president of the American Heart Association's Maryland Affiliate, Dr. Taussig was named the first woman president of the national association in 1965.

Previous Awardees of the Helen B. Taussig Memorial Lecture
2015H. Scott  Baldwin MD FAHA 
"The Role of Developmental Biology in the Management of Congenital Heart Disease: Irrelevant or Essential?"
2012William Norwood, Jr, M.D.
"Complex Heart Defects of the Neonate: A Personal View"
2009Andrew Redington, M.D.
"Tetralogy and Turmoil: From Children to Adults and Back Again"
2006David Driscoll, M.D., FAHA
"Plato, Epistemology, and Cardiology, Or, Should Doctors Think Like Lawyers?"
2003Dudley Woodrow Benson, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
"Genetic origins of cardiac arrhythmias in the young: From ATG to TGA."
2000Edward B. Clark, M.D.
"Genetics, Evolution and the Etiology of Congenital Cardiovascular Malformation"
1997Christine E. Seidman, M.D.
"Genes that Pattern the Heart: A Molecular Basis for Congenital Heart Disease"
1994John Burn, M.D.
"Molecular Basis of Cardiac Morphogenesis"
1991Madison S. Spach, M.D.
"Linkage of Reentrant Arrhythmias, Connective Tissue Development, and Side-to-Side Separation of Cardiac Cells "
1988Catherine A. Neill, M.D.
"Tetralogy of Fallot: The Next 100 Years"
1985Dan G. McNamara, M.D.
"Sudden Cardiac Death of Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Possible Means of Prevention "
1983Abraham M. Rudolph, M.D.
" Perinatal Changes in Cardiac Output: Clinical Implications"
1981William J. Rashkind, M.D.
"The Treatment of Congenital Heart Disease with Cardiac Catheter "
1977Alexander S. Nadas, M.D.
"The Passing of the Torch"
1975James W. DuShane, M.D.
" Pediatric Cardiology: Past, Present and Future"

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