Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Early Career Development

Emerging Scientists
The scientific councils of the American Heart Association foster the development of early career professionals, including research scientists and clinicians. Each council has programs, awards and travel grants to ensure ongoing training and recognize and reward talented early career individuals.  

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Early Career Development Program at Scientific Sessions
The Early Career Development Program is in place at the American Heart Association’s annual Scientific Sessions, which provides an opportunity to present posters at a reception and to network with peers and established investigators. This successful program encourages the involvement of emerging scientists with the American Heart Association. 

a.  Mentoring Program
       i.  Looking for a mentor?

      ii.  Mentoring Resources

b.  Training and Resources

         i.  Workshop and courses

        ii.  Career Development Sessions

             Career choices and planning
             Professional networking
             Presenting research: speaking and writing
                  (papers and grants)
             Job search and interviews
             Managing a lab and personnel
             Advancement and promotion
             Balancing career and family      

       iii.  Training Programs

        iv.  Related Links
              a.  Open Academic Positions
              b.  Open Biotech or Pharmaceutical Research Positions

Student Scholar Award
The objective of Student Scholar awards is to stimulate student scholars in medicine, nursing, public health, nutrition and other allied health disciplines to carry out research projects related to cardiovascular disease, stroke and basic science. 

Young Investigator Awards
The Young Investigator Awards recognize outstanding endeavors by new investigators in research activities and encourages continued biomedical research careers, related to cardiovascular function and diseases, including basic science, integrated physiology and clinical problems.
c.  AHA Funding

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e.  Fellowships and Awards

   i.  Early Career Investigator

  ii.  Career Achievement
  iii.  Lifetime achievement

  iv.  Scholarships

   v.  Travel Awards 

1.  BCVS Merit Travel Awards

2.  BCVS Merit Awards for Young Investigators