Thomas Smith Memorial Lecture

Updated:Feb 26,2014
This lecture was established in 1997 by the Council on Basic Science to honor Dr. Thomas W. Smith, a pioneer in the application of biochemical, cellular, and molecular approaches to investigative cardiac contractility.

Previous Awardees of the Thomas Smith Memorial Lecture
Year Awardee
2013 Steven Houser, PhD, FAHA
"Calcium: Nodal Regulator of Contractility and Hypertrophy in Cardiac Myocytes"
2012 Peipei Ping, PhD, FAHA
"Dancing in the Heart of Organellar Proteomes"
2011 Gerald W. Dorn III, MD, FAHA
"Decoding the Cardiac Message"
2010 Paul Simpson, MD, FAHA
"Rethinking Cardiac Hypertrophy"
2009 Walter Koch, PhD, FAHA
"GRK2 Inhibition as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Heart Failure"
2008 Jeffrey Molkentin, PhD
"PKC? as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Treating Heart Failure"
2007 Douglas Losordo, MD, FAHA
"Biologic Tissue Repair: Tearing Pages out of Nature's Playbook"
2006 Silvia Priori, MD, PhD
"From a Girl to a Mouse: A Journey in the Rhythm of the Heart"
2005 Eduardo Marban, MD, PhD, FAHA
"Gene- and cell-based therapies for cardiac arrhythmias"
2004 Don Bers, PhD, FAHA
"Interplay of Calcium and Sodium Regulation in Cardiac Myocytes"
2003 Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD
"Seven Membrane-Spanning Receptors and Their Regulation"
2002 Andrew R. Marks, M.D., FAHA
"A Guide for the Perplexed – Toward a Molecular Understanding of Heart Failure"
2001 Seigo Izumo, M.D.
"Heart Development and Congenital Heart Disease: From the Flies to Humans"
2000 Eric N. Olson, PhD
"Transcriptional Control of Cardiac Form and Function"
1999 Kurt G. Beam, PhD
"Cardiac excitation - contraction coupling: a hair-trigger for calcium release?"
1998 Eva J. Neer, MD
"Studies of Heterotrimeric G Proteins: Lessons from Modified Molecules and Modified Mice"
1997 Arthur Mu-En Lee, MD, PhD
"Vascular Smooth Muscle Differentiation"

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