Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture

Updated:May 19,2015
Sponsored by the Council on Hypertension

The Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture was established in 1988 by the Council for High Blood Pressure Research (now known as the Council on Hypertension) in honor of Dr. Dahl’s pioneering work on the relations between salt, the kidney and hypertension, and for establishing a major genetically based experimental model of hypertension (Dahl salt-sensitive rat).

The Dahl Lecture is presented each year at the Hypertension Scientific Sessions by a distinguished honoree from the field of hypertension.  The Council on Hypertension is accepting nominations for presenters for the Dahl Lecture January 12-May 26, 2015. 

Lecture Information (click each section below for more information)

1988    Gerald F. DiBona, MD
1989    Ervin G. Erdos, MD
1990    John H. Laragh, MD
1991    Juan Carlos Romero, MD
1992    John E. Hall, MD
1993    Suzanne Oparil, MD
1994    Haralambos Gavras, MD
1995    Celso E. Gomez-Sanchez, MD
1996    Alberto Nasjletti, MD
1997    L. Gabriel Navar, PhD
1998    Richard J. Roman, PhD
1999    William B. Campbell, PhD
2000    Christopher S. Wilcox, MD, PhD
2001    Leopoldo Raij, MD
2002    Joey Granger, PhD
2003    Pedro A. Jose, MD, PhD
2004    Rhian M. Touyz, MD, PhD, MBBCH
2005   Jeffrey Garvin, PhD
2006    Christine Baylis, PhD
2007    Debra Diz, PhD
2008    Edward W. Inscho, PhD
2009    Christian Deschepper, MD
2010    Brian Morris, DSc, PhD 
2011    Jane Reckelhoff, PhD
2012    Stephanie Watts, PhD
2013    David Pollock, PhD
2014    Bina Joe, PhD, FAHA
2015    Bernardo Rodriguez- Iturbe, MD

Nominations should be submitted as early as possible before the deadline. 

For Questions, please contact:
Archi Rimal
Award & Lectures Manager, Professional Membership
Phone: (214) 706-1181


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