Junior Investigator Award

Updated:Oct 13,2015

Sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Committee of the Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology

The Junior Investigator Award for Women helps recruit and retain women in the field of arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology by recognizing excellent research conducted by women.

Awards Information

The applicant must:

  • Be a member of the American Heart Association (membership number required to complete award application).
  • The senior author must be a member of the Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.
  • Be a junior female investigator in training in 1 or more ATVB fields at the time of application (graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, with no more than 5 consecutive years as a postdoctoral fellow).
  • Achieve a rating among the top 5 abstracts, fitting the criteria presented above.
  • Be the first author of the submitted abstract, which must not be published before the ATVB/PVD 2016 Scientific Sessions.  Abstract must meet the annual conference criteria and be selected for presentation.
  • Be present at the ATVB/PVD 2016 Scientific Sessions in Nashville, Tennessee to qualify for this award.

In addition:

  • Applicant may apply for more than one award, however, a different abstract must be submitted for each award application, and the applicant will only be eligible to be a finalist for one award.
  • Finalists are not eligible to compete in subsequent years.

Application Deadline
Applications must be submitted by Jan. 13, 2016.

Past Recipients
2004     Shaila Bhat
               Kara Maxwell
2005     Ranasinghe Silva, Ph.D.
2006     Anne M. Curtis, Ph.D.
2007     Anny Mulya, Ph.D.
2008     Katey Rayner, B.S.
2009     Amanda Doran, B.A.
2010     Praveena Thiagarajan, M.D.
2011     Mahua Chakraborty, MS
2012     Alanna Strong, B.S.
              Catherine Martel, Ph.D.
2013     Kimberly Martinod
2014     Sarah Mueller
2015     Delphine Gomez, Ph.D.

Questions may be directed to Julie Green (Julie.Green@heart.org)

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