ATVB WLC Resources for Professional Developement

Updated:Aug 29,2014

Resources For Professional Development

Discover a wide range of professional development resources related to Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. Whether you're interested in improving your teaching skills with a few new concepts or are interested in acquiring an advanced degree, we have the advice and resources to help further develop and improve your career!

Document TitleAuthor
Climbing Through Medicines Glass CeilingNancy C. Andrews, M.D., Ph.D.
Changing The Culture of Academic Medicine Hannah Valantine, MD,
Christy I. Sandborg, MD
Diversity In Women LeadersNone Provided
Defining, Navigating, and Negotiating Success
The Experiences of Mid-Career Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar Women
Adina L. Kalet, MD, MPH
Kathlyn E. Fletcher, MD
Dina J. Ferdman, BS
Nina A. Bickell, MD
How stereotypes Impair Women’s Careers In ScienceErnesto Reubena
Paola Sapienzab
Luigi Zingalesc
Women Faculty: An Analysis of Their Experiences in Academic Medicine and Their Coping StrategiesLinda H. Pololi, MBBS, MRCP
Sandra J. Jones, PhD
Commentary: A Call for Culture Change in Academic MedicineDeborah Powell, MD
James L. Scott, MD
Michael Rosenblatt, MD
Paul B. Roth, MD,
and Linda Pololi, MBBS
Gender Differences in Academic Productivity and Leadership AppointmentsDarcy A. Reed, MD, MPH
Felicity Enders, PhD
Rachel Lindor
Martha McClees
and Keith D. Lindor, MD
Is There Still a Glass Ceiling for Women in Academic Surgery?Ying Zhuge, MD
Joyce Kaufman, MD
Diane M. Simeone, MD
Herbert Chen, MD
Omaida C. Velazquez, MD